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What to expect

Main features

All our efforts are concentrated on creating a prestigious event, exceeding the expectations of the best drivers and the most demanding “gourmands”.
The Race
Terre di Canossa is a “Grand Event” (a coveted title assigned by CSAI to the most important Italian rallies), with many foreign participants: over 50% of the competitors come from all over the world!
It is a “classic regularity” rally with more than 60 enjoyable and challenging timed trials and 3 average speed trials. Challenging trials to the hundredth of a second, without unexpected stunts, for the older and less manoeuvrable cars.
The trials are never too short, in respect of those who compete with the old mechanical stopwatch.
The rally is open to vehicles built between 1919 and 1976. Italian cars need a CSAI, FIA, ASI or FIVA paper. Foreign cars do not need any document.
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to admit or reject the vehicles; in case of a rejection, it will be possible to replace the car, or the entry fee will be refunded in full.
Italian drivers and co-drivers must have a regularity sporting licence issued by CSAI. Foreign crews can present a FIA international licence, or the Italian motorsport authority will issue a temporary one.
The Route
Planned with the utmost care in order to find the most enjoyable panoramic roads, the route is rich in every kind of Italian scenery:
  • Start and arrival in Emilia, the “Land of Motors”, home to some of the greatest car builders of the world; here, on the fortifications constructed along the via Emilia by the Roman Army about 2000 years ago, were built many beautiful cultural cities such as Modena, Reggio Emilia, Parma and Piacenza. Here, in the 12th century, reigned Matilde of Canossa.
  • The route will cross the Apennines, the long mountain range that passes through Italy from North to South, and the Apuan Alps with their white marble.
  • This year the itinerary will offer two new mountain passes: Passo di Cento Croci and Cerreto;
  • We will also explore the Garfagnana, the “green island of Tuscany”, once part of the Matildic Lands;
  • Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World's Heritage, are back in the route again, with their magnificent scenery;
  • Lastly, we will get to the sea in Versilia, one of the most beautiful and famous regions of Tuscany.
The itinerary also includes some of the most beautiful Italian cities of art:
  • Pisa, the birthplace of the Countess Beatrice di Canossa, mother of Matilde, and part of the Matildic Lands before it became one of the Maritime Republics, with its beautiful Piazza dei Miracoli and the world-famous Leaning Tower;
  • Lucca, with its wonderful churches and the ancient walls, perfectly preserved, which are a unique treasure and a World Heritage;
  • Salsomaggiore Terme, an Art Nouveau masterpiece.
The Evenings
Terre di Canossa is not only a tough and challenging rally, but also an occasion to enjoy an unforgettable holiday with truly unique evenings.
The event starts with a gala soirée on Thursday, with the signature dishes of Michelin starred chef Massimo Spigaroli, to end with the traditional and renowned “beach party” on the most glamourous  Versilian resort.
Awarded chefs, traditional recipes and the greatest Italian wines complete the menu.
The services
Participating to the Terre di Canossa also means being able to concentrate on the pleasure of driving and to relax: we will take care of everything else!
Among the services included in the admission fee:
  • Baggage service: since the trunk of a sports car is often insufficient, the organization will transport the baggage during the rally;
  • Vehicle security: night surveillance service for the cars; only the owner with his\her regular badge will be able to drive the car out of the overnight car park;
  • Free shuttle service for all the participants, in order to be able to move around while the vehicles rest safely;
  • Satellite tracking: all the cars are constantly monitored by the Racelink operation centre, in order to ensure the safety of the crews and to make it possible for your friends at home to follow the rally;
  • Mechanical assistance: the organization also provides assistance along the route, with both a mechanic aboard a “quick assistance” car and a tow truck; furthermore, many garages along the itinerary have been alerted in case of necessity;
  • Timekeeping: real-time online publication of the results of the trials;
  • Historical-geographical guide of the route: the road book includes a guide that introduces the places, the landscapes and the works of art that the competitors will encounter along the route, to enhance the touristic experience.

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