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25 March 2020 - Letter from the Chairman

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01 February 2020 - Terre di Canossa 2020: 10 years making history together

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05 December 2019 - Terre di Canossa: the 10th edition! From April 16th to 19th 2020

We can hardly believe that ten years have gone since the first announcement of our rally, so today we are extremely happy to announce the 10th edition of Terre di Canossa!
Next year's rally, from April 16th to 19th 2020, will be a pilgrimage to many medieval sites dating back to the XII century, when Matilde di Canossa was ruling over central Italy.
The rally will start in Salsomaggiore Terme, near Parma, with the opening soiree in the medieval castle of Tabiano, built by the Pallavicino family in the X Century.
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14 April 2019 - Terre di Canossa International Classic Car Challenge 2019: the ninth edition comes to a close

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24 March 2019 - Terre di Canossa 2019: the ninth rally is ready to go!

105 crews at the starting line, representing 16 countries, 27 vehicle manufacturers, 29 teams, and 0 residual emissions of CO2.
An international edition with 78% of the registered crews from abroad; “pink” with 40% of women competitors, and “green” because it is eco-friendly. 
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22 January 2019 - Terre di Canossa 2019: fast approaching its ninth anniversary!

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10 April 2018 - Terre di Canossa 2018: the eighth rally is ready to go!

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06 February 2018 - Terre di Canossa 2018: fast approaching its eighth edition!

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13 March 2017 - Terre di Canossa 2017: we are turning seven!
April 20th – 23rd, 2017: these are the dates not to be missed for the seventh edition of the Gran Premio Terre di Canossa, a veritable ‘must’ among classic car rallies.

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The Vesco-Guerini crew won first place, followed in order by Di Pietra - Di Pietra and Margiotta-Perno.
Great success for the sixth edition of Terre di Canossa,
with 105 crews representing 16 countries and 29 manufacturers.
A ‘pink’ edition, due to 35% of the participants being women, but also ‘green’ and eco-friendly. The smiles and enthusiasm of the participants made this edition of Terre di Canossa unique and memorable.
The sixth edition of Terre di Canossa took place from 14th to 17th April 2016, on the charming roads of Emilia, Liguria and Tuscany. It was characterised by an inimitable mix of sport, passion, tourism, culture, fine wines, gastronomy and unique evenings, with the utmost respect for the environment.
The organisers worked tirelessly for a year to create a perfect event, and the results were quite evident. Crowded squares, enthusiast participants and enchanting landscapes were the protagonists of these 4 unforgettable days.
The Rally and its Winners
The 85 timed trials heated up the competition among the 105 crews. The rally featured tough trials of every kind: long, short, located on straights or inside squares, uphill and downhill, along turns or hidden. Some of them were very fast, such as those on Mount Marcello, while others offered beautiful backgrounds, like those on Mount Serra, or unique and fascinating locations such as Lucca’s old walls.
As usual, the awards ceremony took place in Reggio Emilia inside the historical Sala del Tricolore, where the Italian flag was adopted in 1797.
Crew No. 41 Margiotta-Perno won third place in a 1965 Volvo PV 544 Sport, crew No. 8 Di Pietra-Di Pietra placed second in a 1938 Fiat 508 C and finally, separated by just 0,72 penalty points, crew No. 5 Vesco-Guerrini won first place in a 1934 Fiat 508 S Balilla Sport and a prestigious Eberhard & Co. ‘Tazio Nuvolari’ wristwatch.
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