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Video presentation of the new edition

An extraordinary journey along the 'Terre di Canossa', the thousand year old roads of the 'Great Countess' Matilda, Queen of Italy in the 12th Century.

A journey that spanned from the 'Via Emilia' to the wonderful sea of Versilia passing through cultural and artistic centres like Lucca and Pisa, wonderful landscapes, ancient castles, rolling green hills, untouched mountain passes, enchanting hamlets.
An exciting culinary itinerary combining the finest local wines, traditional cuisine and the creativity of award-winning chefs, all of which savoured in unique and exclusive locations.
A challenging regularity rally for classic cars dating between 1919 and 1976, with both timed trials and average speed trials, along a 650 km route, and with a special 'Pre-war Cup' classification.
Three exciting days experienced in a perfect combination of beautiful cars, competition, tourism, gastronomy and relaxation. A 'Grand Event' planned to the very last detail with the passion and determination of the people of Emilia, Italy’s undisputed motoring region.
As always, we accepted a relatively small number of vehicles and owners (100 crews), in order to ensure the success of the event.

Official video of Terre di Canossa 2020


News Highlights
January 15 2021 - Reduced fee for enrollment

We would like to remind you that all the crews who register for Terre di Canossa will be entitled to a reduced fee for enrollment to Stella Alpina. We are waiting for you!

January 11 2021 - The liberty charm of Salsomaggiore Terme

Salsomaggiore, known for its marvelous historic center in liberty style and for its thermal waters, is reconfirmed as the ideal setting to welcome the crews of the Terre di Canossa.

Terre di Canossa 2020
Program of Gran Premio Terre di Canossa, competition race for vintage car.
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The GP Terre di Canossa is not simply a regularity cars race, is an international event.
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